Public Meeting

Board of County Commissioners

Desoto County, FLorida

December 12, 2017



              Roll Call

              Call to Order                                                                                                                                      3:00 PM


              Prayer/Pledge of Allegiance

              Introduction of Elected Officials


              Public Forum for Non-Agenda Items

              Consent Agenda-Motion to Approve

1.              Accounts and Warrants Drawn Per Schedule of Bills Payable.

2.              Minutes of November 14, 2017 BOCC Public Meeting.

3.              Fire Station One Contract Amendment.

4.              Medicare Supplement and Rx Plan Billing Agreement.

5.              Approval of Special Projects Administrator and MSBU Grants Coordinator job descriptions and classifications.


6.              Proclamation/18U Gold Southern Shockers

To present a Proclamation of recognition and congratulations to the 18U Gold Southern Shockers Softball team.

7.              Presentation/Bridlewood of Arcadia

Presentation of Bridlewood of Arcadia.

              Regular Business

              7B. 2292 : Discussion/ERU

To discuss ERU's

8.              Resolution/Budget Amendment

Request to adopt a Resolution amending the 2017/18 Budget.

9.              Resolution/County Impact Fees

Request to adopt a Resolution which extends the waiver of imposition and collection of County impact fees through December 31, 2018.

10.              Resolution/School Impact Fees

Request to adopt a Resolution to extend the waiver of imposition or collection of all School Board Impact Fees, through December 31, 2018.

11.              Re-appointment to Planning Commission/Board of Adjustment

Request to re-appoint two regular Planning Commission/Board of Adjustment members  and advertise for the vacancies.

12.              Approve FY 18/19 - 23/24 Transportation Priorities Letter

Request to approve FY 18/19 - 23/24 Transportation Projects Priorities Letter.

13.              Piggyback Agreement/Disasters, Strategies and Ideas Group

Request to approve the Piggyback Agreement with Disasters, Strategies and Ideas Group for disaster recovery services and assistance with processing FEMA claims and authorize Chairman to execute Agreement.

              Administrator's Report

              County Attorney's Report

              Board Member Comments

              Recess until 6:30 pm Public Hearing

              Public Hearing

14.              Resolution/Vacate an alley and portion of road

Request to adopt a Resolution vacating an alley and a portion of a road within the King & Baker Subidivision.



NOTE: For quasi-judicial matters, any party desiring a verbatim record of the proceeding of this hearing for the purpose of an appeal is advised to make private arrangements for the production of a record and anyone wishing to present documents or other written evidence to the Board must provide eight (8) copies of the written material. If special accommodations are required in accordance with the Americans with Disabilities Act, individuals should contact the County Administrator’s Office by calling 863-993-4800 at least forty-eight hours prior to the hearing.