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Apr 21, 2017 8:15 AM  Economic Development Advisory Committee Committee Meeting


· Lack of qualified workforce

· Lack of competitive real estate offerings

· Frequent Areas of Blight

· Lack of funding for economic development

· Poor education attainment

Workforce Discussion:

Ø Soft Skills- Business etiquette training in schools

Ø Attract private shools

Ø Vocational school expansion similar to Charlotte County

Ø Programs for dropouts like what Theresa Collins and Family Service Center does, expand funding

Ø Create, with schools, a publication for dropouts on what their options other than education is in DeSosto County

Real Estate Discussion:

Ø County continue to expand water, require hookups in certain areas to fund

Ø Housing study implementation (Mr. Hahn to send out housing study for review)

Ø Develop 8 acres on Kings Highway to “marketable ready” with appraisal, environmental, geotechnical, archeological and hydrological studies complete. Survey (county can do in house)

Ø Produce a list of required land uses/zoning for different industries that is easy to read and access

Blight Areas:

Ø Enforce the Community Appearance Standards Ordinance

Ø Create a Façade Improvement Grant Program

Ø Fully fund the Economic Development Trust Fund

Ø Fund the Landscape Plan for US 17

Ø Make suggestion to the BOCC to create and enforce architectural standards for commercial building in corridors

Economic Develoment Funding

Ø Fully fund the Economic Development Trust Fund

Ø Fund the Landscape Plan for US 17

Ø Increase budget to allow for investment of land, lead generation, incentives

Poor Education Attainment

Ø Junior Achievement Programs

Ø Awareness Program on how education attainment affects the entire community and personal income

Ø Follow recommendations for workforce development above

Ø Help SFSC and DeSoto Schools expand dual enrollment

Ø Mentorship programs

Ø Internship programs